The Inconvenient Truth About Talent Acquisition

All human resource professionals understand the inconvenient truths about the hiring process.

  • The best resume seldom comes from the best candidate
  • The internet and the economy have created an avalanche of resumes
  • A flow of resumes is not the same as a flow of qualified candidates
  • Positive, productive employees are not scouring job boards daily
  • The internet has made it easier to recruit your employees
  • There is no App for what we do
  • A.I. may save the world from thermal nuclear destruction but it can’t determine attitude, articulation, persona, or integrity from a resume especially if it wasn’t written by the candidate in the first place. 

It is more important than ever that a great staffing company partners with their clients to perfect the client’s sourcing and hiring process.  If your current staffing company feels more like a quantity-driven resume broker than a quality-driven search partner, it may be time to Contact Us.

We can help you turn that flow of resumes into a flow of positive, qualified candidates.